Kumeu House

One of my first architectural roles fresh out of university in the 90′s was working for Lindley Naismith as a young graduate. So it was a privilege to come full circle and work on refreshing the interiors of this house, sitting in the vines, as Scarlet Architect’s interior designer. The project encompassed new stone tiles, carpet, bathroom finishes, paint colours, drapery, soft furnishings, furniture and bedding. The original architect was Terry Hitchcock and the house carries many of his classic design signatures. Photographer Gareth Sutcliffe.

Entrance 1

Entrance 2

Master Bedroom 1

Master Bedroom 2c


Simply You Interiors, Winter 2014

Alas, a few of my well considered pearls of wisdom are lying in shredded tatters on the editors floor rather than featuring on this page….but its still a darn good read!!


“How are you seeing these trends being incorporated into interiors” went more like this…..

Authentic materials, thoughtful detailing, a warmth of materials in palettes, simplicity, and modesty have become strong influences in our architecture. I’m a strong believer in interiors being in harmony with the architecture they occupy. Materials such as cotton, linen, silk, and wool are being manufactured with a combination of traditional craft and contemporary technology. They have more texture and structure, and possess an inbuilt sense of luxury that compliments the timbers, stone and metals that surround them. There is a call for authenticity, intimacy and subtlety in interiors – not minimalism, more of a modernist feel, where luxury is understated but still celebrates beautiful materials and textiles and the natural imperfections they possess.”                   



Simply You